Wash & Blow

    This service includes hair wash and blow dry. Extra charges apply for styling and other services (Charges vary with the hair length)


    Haircut by Stylist

    Do not miss the haircut by our trendy stylist. This service includes hair wash, cut and blow.


    Haircut by Senior Stylist

    Our experienced senior stylists will make sure you leave feeling beautiful and confident. This service includes hair wash, cut and blow.


    Haircut by Director

    Leave it to our veteran directors to transform you! This service includes hair wash, cut and blow.

  • PERM

    C-Curl Perm

    C-Curl perm creates a natural look with c-curls used at hair ends where the curls curl inwards. With the bob-like effect, this enhances contouring effects on the jawline, suitable for most facial types and shapes. This perm can be achieved with both setting and digital perm machine directly imported from Korea.


    S-Curl Perm

    S-Curl Perm have tighter and more spread out curls to create natural wavy hair. This creates volumes in the hair and is highly suited for those who want low maintenance hair. This perm can be achieved with both setting and digital perm machine directly imported from Korea.



    Volume Rebonding

    Comparatively more flattering and natural than Straight Rebonding, Volume Rebonding will help you achieve the natural curves at the hair ends. As a low maintenance hair style, it is highly suited for those who want natural silky hair with softer feminine look. The prices will vary according to the hair length.

    Magic Setting

    Magic Setting involves both rebonding and setting perm. It smoothens the hair on top and gives the C-curl at the end. It is recommended to those with frizzy hair who want smooth curls and volumes.


    Rebonding is a treatment to permanently straighten your frizzy, curly hair by restructuring the hair bonds. If you are troubled with hard-to-manage curly hair, achieve straight smooth silky hair through this treatment.



    Creative Colour

    Using Shiseido Primience, LKJ stylists can achieve a wide range of hair colours from natural shades to electric hues. If there is any colour you would like to achieve, just come down for the consultation and let the stylists advise you according to your preference and hair needs. Prices may vary depending on hair length and additional charges may apply with bleaching and additional hair colours.


    Add additional texture to your hair with different shades of colours immersed in from the roots. Prices may vary depending on hair length and additional charges may apply with bleaching and additional hair colours.


    Unlike highlights, balayage creates softer and muted hair near the roots and achieve progressively lighter colour towards the hair end. Prices may vary depending on hair length and additional charges may apply with bleaching and additional hair colours.



    LKJ 5-Step Treatment

    Our 5-Step Treatment is a comprehensive treatment that addresses a diverse range of hair and scalp concerns. Through consultation, you can select the treatment suited to your hair needs.


    7-Step Detox Hair Treatment

    Using Shiseido Salon solution, this is an ultimate reconstruction therapy to revive your hair. Applying the state-of-the-art technology, this treatment progresses through Hair Detox, Hair Repair and Hair Revitalisation programs, leaving your hair airy, shiny and smooth.


    Express Treatment

    Our express treatment is for those who want simple treatment suited to individuals’ need.


    Scalp Treatment

    Scalp treatment focuses on removing impurities and sebum from pores, giving deep cleansing to the oily and impure scalp.


    Head Spa Treatment

    This treatment conditions the hair scalp and creates soft and light hair. Treatments can be customized to suit individual customer needs.


    Cureplex Hair Repair

    Cureplex is a protein treatment for coloured or chemically treated hair.

    It is highly effective in protecting and removing chemicals before and after the chemical processes to significantly minimize damage to your hair through a 3 step process.


    Step 1: No. 1 Bond Creator creates new bonds to strengthen and improve elasticity, buffers and repairs broken bonds while protecting the existing internal structure of hair, boosting hair’s flexibility and manageability.


    Step 2: No. 2 Bond Fortifier fuses and secures newly formed bonds into the cortex while delivering added

    hydration and nourishment. It also transforms and smoothens cuticle layer to create an uniform surface.


    Step 3: No. 3 Bond Sustainer is a home hair care treatment to preserve the effects of the Cureplex treatment


    Korean Cream Bath

    This hair treatment is quick, fuss-free and achieves smooth and light hair in a short period of time.


    Step 1: Apply oil keratin cream which contains protein on hair to strengthen it.

    Step 2: Apply aqua keratin to moisturize and soften hair.


    Supersonic Smooth Treatment

    A keratin treatment will be applied using Shiseido products through a 5 step process.


    Step 1: The hair is shampooed to make it clean.


    Step 2: Multi care milk is applied which repairs damaged hair completely.


    Step 3: A hair mask is applied to condition hair and keep it supple and moist.


    Step 4: Another treatment mask is used to condition hair and keep it shiny.


    Step 5: Lotion is applied to protect hair from UV rays and heat as well as condition the hair for a smooth finish.



    After treatment, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is used to blow and style your hair to give it a smooth and silky result.


    *Please also change Olaplex Hair Repair to


    Tokio Inkarami Treatment

    Hair damage is mainly caused by environmental effects and chemical services. All these harsh damages can cause changes on the physical structure of hair, which can lead to hair tangles, breakage, dull color, dryness and unruly hair. It can improve your hair quality so much, that it feels as if it was born yesterday. All you need is one session to feel the difference.


    After Perm

    • As the chemicals used during perm treatments stay active for 48 hours, upon shampooing, kindly note that the curls might loosen up. It is recommended that you do not shampoo your hair the next day.
    • Please avoid swimming or going to the sauna.
    • Please dry your hair thoroughly and comb through your fingers after shampooing.
    • For the easy and longer-lasting effect, please use exclusive shampoos and styling products for permed hair.
    • For customers who have done Rebonding or Volume Rebonding, please refrain from using/wearing hairpins, hairbands and hats for 2 days.

    After Colour

    • To avoid staining your clothes, towels or pillows etc., please dry your hair thoroughly after shampooing.
    • For longer-lasting colour, do use exclusive shampoos and hair masks for coloured hair.

    After Treatments

    • It is important to take care of your hair at home even after the treatment for the longer-lasting effect.
    • Depending on the level of damage done on the hair, regular treatments might be advised.